Prof. J. Walter - Informationstechnik, Mikrocomputertechnik, Digitale Medien Project Introduction
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8x8-App: Mobile-App/WebApp
Winter Semester 2020 / 2021
Danial Haris Limi Hawari (67252)
Ong Kai Li (67254)

2.1 Project Introduction

In the era of digital transformation, Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Services (IoS) have emerged as the major components in Industry 4.0. In the IoT and IoS context, Web Application (WebApp) raises as the world's most popular software application that utilizes web technology and web browsers to perform specific functions or tasks over the internet. In a lot of IoT projects, web application is mostly used application for the users to monitor or control their systems.

In this 8x8 RGB LED project, a rather unique web application needs to be developed in order to fulfil the project requirements. One of the requirements is the user able to control and play up to 16 devices (16 8x8 RGB LED which are integrated to 16 ESP32 respectively). Therefore, a few features have been developed so that the user can choose, control and play the 8x8 RGB LED. The features are such as Text Generator, Tap-to-Light and LightShow.

In addition to this project, the web application should be able to communicate with ESP32 through an IoT protocol and energy efficiency factor must also be considered. Hence, a light and fast MQTT protocol is used and the function to regulate the brightness of the 8x8 LED with the help of LDR sensor is programmed.  Finally, the web application is fully developed and named 8x8-WebApp.

  With Support of Prof. J. Walter Winter Semester 2020