Prof. J. Walter - Informationstechnik, Mikrocomputertechnik, Digitale Medien Task Description
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8x8-App: Mobile-App/WebApp
Winter Semester 2020 / 2021
Danial Haris Limi Hawari (67252)
Ong Kai Li (67254)

2.4 Task Description

This project proposes a development of 8x8 RGB LED integrated with ESP32 microcontroller which can be control by using a web application through MQTT protocol. Thus, our team has been tasked to create a web application for the users to control the 8x8 RGB LED device anywhere and anytime. The web application should be able to control up to 16 devices (16 8x8 RGB LEDs with 16 ESP32s) simultaneously.

The web application should have these functions:

1. Tap-to-Light : User able to press any pixel button in WebApp and the specific LED in 8x8 LED will light up
2. Text Generator : User able to send the written text in WebApp and generate it in 8x8 LED
3. LightShow : User able to choose any light pattern and generate the light pattern in sequence in 8x8 LED
4. Energy Optimization : User able to save energy by regulating the 8x8 LED's brightness using LDR sensor value when an energy optimization button is clicked
5. MQTT Connection : User able to connect and disconnect to MQTT broker regardless of using public or private broker

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