Prof. J. Walter - Informationstechnik, Mikrocomputertechnik, Digitale Medien Conclusion
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8x8-App: Mobile-App/WebApp
Winter Semester 2020 / 2021
Danial Haris Limi Hawari (67252)
Ong Kai Li (67254)

4.13 Conclusion

In conclusion, it can be said that in this project, we were able to meet all of our goals and requirements from the requirements list.

In the Web-App that have been developed, it can control the 8x8 RGB LED by pixel in "Tap-To-Light" function, by text generation in "Text Generator" function and by light show sequence in "Light Show" function. Besides, the Web-App can also display the battery status and the status of the surroundings brightness as well. User also able to control the brightness of the LEDs automatically for energy efficient purpose by using the "Energy Optimization" button. For example, if the surrounding is bright, then the LEDs' brightness will automatically decrease to save the energy.

This Project was a great experience to work with other groups and gain pratical experience working on a profesional Web-App. We had learned a lot about the programming a graphical user interface as a web page or a Web-App.

  With Support of Prof. J. Walter Winter Semester 2020