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eMalRob: Induction - Battery
Wintersemester 20/21
Abbhirami Manivannan
Nurain Amira Murad

State of Technology

Nowadays, there are few technologies for automatically charging a robot at the charging station.

First of all, the robot needs to go to the base station when the battery is low. Since we cannot directly detect the battery level from the powerbank, we set a timer in the coding of the robot. The robot will go find the base station after several hours its on.

Locating the base station: Infrared (IR) sensor technology.

This technology is used in almost every cleaning robot. It is very common because it is rather simple and cheap compared to other technologies, such as a camera.
This technology can make the robot identify each other and return to the home base.
Both the robot and the base station will be equipped with IR sensors. This will enable the robot to locate and move on the signal emitted by the station at any time.

  With support from Prof. J. Walter Wintersemester 2020/21