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eMalRob: Induction - Battery
Wintersemester 20/21
Abbhirami Manivannan
Nurain Amira Murad

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Solution Components

 A Sub function: Power Supply
A.1 - Power bank
Benefit: Disadvantage:
Have USB port Drains quickly
Cost effective Bulky
Easy charging Limited power for short time
Mobile power source  

 B Sub function: Timing the battery level
B.1 - Coding
Benefit: Disadvantage:
Simple Not accurate (cannot tell the actual battery level)
  Timer reset when the robot is off

 D Sub function: Locate base station
D.1 - IR Sensor
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Benefit: Disadvantage:
Secured line of sight Control only 1 device at a time
Low power consumption Requires line of sight between transmitter and receiver to communicate.
Smaller Degraded performance with longer distance

 D Sub function: Locate base station
D.2 - Camera
Benefit: Disadvantage:
Can track a specific color Expensive
  Large power consumption
  Further distance requires more powerful camera
C Sub function: Detect base station  
C.1 - Proximity sensor  
Benefit: Disadvantage:
Small form factor Limited measurement range.
Able to measure distance of complex surface (soft surface) Affected by environmental condition, hard condition and hard objects.
Secured line of sight communication. Unable for usage through walls or doors.
E Sub function: Detect base station  
E.2 - Ultrasonic distance sensor  
Benefit: Disadvantage:
Not affected by object color and transparency as it detects Limited detection ranges.
Works well in dim places Unable to measure the distance of objects with extreme surfaces (soft surface).
Consume less power. Low resolution and slow refresh rate (Not suitable for detecting fast moving objects).
 E Sub function: Robot move  
E.1 - DC Motor  
Benefit: Disadvantage:
Speed control both above and below the rated speed High intial cost
Quick starting and stopping Lower speed range
F Sub function: Battery charging  
F.1 - Induction charger receiver  
Benefit: Disadvantage:
Safe ( No electric shock) Slower charging
No cable required. Expensive
Increased convenience (not wired) Less convenient ( cannot move device charging transmitter)

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