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eMalRob: Induction - Battery
Wintersemester 20/21
Abbhirami Manivannan
Nurain Amira Murad

Concept Development

First of all, the robot have to be able to go to the base station when its battery is low. Since we cannot directly detect the battery level of the powerbank, we decided to set a timer for the robot to go find the base station. We will set a timer in the coding of the robot, that will make the robot go find the base station after several hours it is on.

In order to ensure the eMalRob can do wireless charging at the base station, those component will be implement on the robot;

1. IR Sensor (Receiver) - to detect the base station.

2. Bump sensor - to detect wall  in front of the robot.

3. Inductive Charging Receiver - to enable wireless charging.

Draft of the concept

Below is the position of the sensor concept. The final position of the sensor may differ from the concept during implementation.

Position of the sensor and circuit

The base station will be placed in the corner of the wall, 

  With support from Prof. J. Walter Wintersemester 2020/21